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Additional Construction Details

In the picture below, shown from left to right are the right side bars, cross member, and left side bars after having been treated with the POR-15 Metal Ready acid etch/zinc phosphate treatment. Photos were taken at this point as the construction details show up better with the lighter surface appearance after the acid etch. The left side bar in the foreground shows how the frame cradle was essentially added to the three pipes that would normally be welded direct to the frame.

Before finalizing the rock slider mounting location with respect to the vehicle, a mock up of the proposed final mounting location was done to ensure the final mounting location would not excessively interfere with getting into and out of the vehicle.

View of Rear Attachment Point The view below from left to right shows the left side bars, cross member and ridge side bar. The "Z" shaped construction in the foreground mates up with the rear frame attachment for the rear suspension trailing link and makes use of  two existing  holes as bolt the back end of the cradle to the frame attachment point..

View with POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating and ChassisCoat Black finish applied.  At the front and rear of the bars on each side, fittings were welded to the bars to allow them to be used as an air tank for a onboard air compressor to be added later.  Before the fittings were welded on, a long drill bit was used to drill into the inner bar and on through to the outer bar at each end allowing both to become a part of the the air reservoir. This created in essence a 4 chamber distributed air storage system.

One comment on POR 15 products which were recommended to me by an automobile restorer, very impressive! does what they claim and better.

The view below was taken to show the mounting location with respect to frame, gas tank, rear suspension trailing link mounting point. You can also see an additional bar added to offer some side protection to the gas tank which hangs down rather low. The additional bar more or less follows the contour of the gas tank down to and terminates at the rear trailing link mounting point.

Additional Construction and Mounting Views

Close up of the front crossmember. Care was taken to keep as high as possible at the same height of the stock crossmember

Another underside view of crossmember

Cross member under construction
crossmember under construction

Close up of the rear mounting point in relation to gas tank & rear trailing link mounting point

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