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Purpose of this Web Site

This web site describes some of the changes needed for use of our Toyota 4x4 4Runner for combination of cross country travel and off roading. Like many things in life, the sharing of ideas and discussions with others with similar interest and hobbies, is rewarding and a great source of information. You will find links on the web site to the manufacturer of products I've used who supply product specifications, application information and anything else of additional value in using their products.


I do not have the credentials to offer automotive advice. The modification experiences that follow, and any I might offer on this web site in the future, explain how I chose to approach a modification I wanted to make to my personal vehicle. I am not suggesting that anyone else make this modification to his or her vehicle.

In the event anyone chooses to accept the responsibility of initiating a similar vehicle modification, they should do so with the understanding it could result in undesired damage to their vehicle and could void the warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

In addition, I wish to point out that undertaking any vehicle modification without proper knowledge, experience, tools, and safety equipment can result in personal injury.

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