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Grand Canyon Mule Ride to the Phantom Ranch

Trip Down - Bright Angel Trail
Recommended dress; 30's morning temperature at the south rim, 100 degree mid day at the bottom
Bright Angel pretty easy at the top
Beginning thoughts, how fast could I get off this mule
On the way
Rest stop at the watering hole on Bright Angel
Beginning of the serious stuff...
Are we there yet?
Stay Cool!...
We are going to cross that little bridge? down there?
Phantom Ranch Cabins
This Way! Up, Up and Up...
Let's Do It !!
Up the Switchbacks
Pack Team on the way down to Phantom Ranch
The Switchbacks
Breathtaking View... or is it the ledge that's taking my breath...
Bright Angel on the Plateau
A few people got a bit spooked here...
and here, trail on narrow ridge line, downhill both sides...
Near the Top of the South Kaibab Trail
Our Hualapai Indian Wrangler (black hat bowed down) no face pics please...

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